Say hello to Supertonic, your new songwriting collaborator.
Capture more new song ideas than ever before, and finish that list of partially-completed music riffs you've had for years. With Supertonic, you're no longer a one-person band.

Supertonic helps with every aspect of songwriting

From writing lyrics to finding that perfect melody–from unearthing those intricate chords to the smooth, locked-in rhythm that glues everything together, Supertonic helps you bring your song to life.

One-Touch Record

With Supertonic, you’re only a button away for when inspiration hits.  Press the record button and it instantly records via a built-in mics, a fancy USB condenser microphone, or the line-in inputs on the back.

Portable but Indispensable

Supertonic is small, throw it in your bag or carry it with you.  It’s battery-powered, so you can skip the power cord when on the move.  And if your Supertonic is lost or stolen, the backup service has all of your hard work securely stored in the cloud.

Book Smart,  Street Savvy

There’s some savvy brains inside every Supertonic–a dedicated silicon chip that creates absolute magic for you.  From helping you find alternative chords, to analyzing rhythms, to even blending styles of existing recordings, Supertonic is a smarty-pants that will keep your creative flow strong.

Instant Collaboration

Most songwriters collaborate with other people, and Supertonic perfectly fits into this workflow.  Put down some ideas and send them to your friend.  Your friend can add or modify, and send their ideas right back to your Supertonic where you can listen to it immediately.

Never be at a loss for words

With the rich lyrical builder inside, capture lyrics and Supertonic will providing help with rhyming, syllabic cadence, and even convert your recorded vocal lyrics to text, ready for export to a song chart.

Collaboration weaves throughout

Have a friend that always brings you the best beats? Or that lyricist who just has a way with her words? With Supertonic, write the parts of each song that you like, and share it with collaborators. They’ll be able to lay down ideas and seamlessly send them back to you.  Watch as ideas that used to be stagnant now come to life and become completed songs.

Your own producer, built in

With the arranger, Supertonic helps you build your songs bit by bit, from a simple guitar riff or vocal take, all the way through song sections like verse and chorus, into a full arranged song.  Never get stuck with what’s left to complete a song. Supertonic walks you through the process.

State-of-the-art machine learning hardware

At the heart of the Supertonic is the Tensor Processing Unit, or TPU–a high-speed machine-learning ASIC chip developed by Google that makes hardware devices incredibly smart.  From accelerating speech-to-text, to determining new melodic ideas, Supertonic will become your most important collaborator.

Use any instrument that inspires

Plug in your existing electric instrument, use the built-in or external mic to record that acoustic or vocal take, or play directly on Supertonic via its built-in sounds. Regardless of the source of your inspiration, Supertonic is ready to capture and build off of it.

Looking for that elusive chord or melodic hook?

Sometimes you’re onto a great musical idea, but just need that little something to boost it over the edge–perhaps a key change or novel accidental. The automatic chord discovery tool will detect the chords you’ve played, and shows you what chords work within your song’s estimated key. Then you decide how funky (E7sus2) or basic (Gmaj) you want to get.  The melody explorer provides variations of your melodic idea, to dial you right into that perfect hook.

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