Kickstarter Update!

Kickstarter Update!

(edited: 2/10/21) We have been working hard on getting the hardware just right. Not, “good enough,” but flipping magical. And somewhere along the way, we realized that what musicians were really craving was a tool for instant collaboration–just think if Dropbox + Soundcloud had a love child. I mean, spending 20 mins on just figuring out how to share files and comment on them with your band mates or other collaborators, is just a giant waste of time. Out popped Tonic, the instant collaboration tool. We will be launching both Tonic–as a web app, mobile-friendly, and native app at the same time as we launch the Supertonic device. We’re excited to share more as we get closer to the April 7th, 2021 Kickstarter launch.

We announced last week that we would be launching our Kickstarter campaign in early November. Today we have decidedly moved the date back to February. We didn’t do this without a lot of thought and care, of course. One of our core values as a company is to make products that delight our end users. We want nothing more than to delight you, and so here are the reasons for the delay. We hope you understand and will stick around for the great unveiling in February.

The first is that we care a lot about making this tool magical. It needs to actually feel like magic when a songwriter sits down and uses it. Anything less than magical isn’t worth building. We want to make sure that the machine learning models that we are using are optimized enough to ensure that the usability of the device is as delightful as possible. We feel like we need more time to get more work done in that area.

The second is that we want to absolutely ensure that our supply chain is dialed and that the choices we make for our hardware components will be available for the long-term. We have not yet been able to confirm that from our suppliers and it’s getting too close to the launch date for us to feel confident to launch without having that question answered.

In the end, our goal is to maximize the MAGIC and DELIGHT of this device. This is the best way we know how to do that, by giving ourselves a extra few months of development time.

So, hang in there, while we work to make this thing 1.) MAGICAL and 2.) DELIGHTFUL. We want this device to be your trusty companion as a songwriter, and to pull those dormant song ideas out of you and into the world. Making music is an act of creation, and sharing those creations with other humans is like a salve. May music be that for all of us.

With love,

Ethan & Allison

Ethan Clift

Ethan is people-facing Co-founder of Tonic Audio Labs. His favorite things to do are sewing, yoga, and his morning ritual of coffee + jaunt at the dog park with the yorkies. His favorite tool is a Nintendo Wii controller Allison hacked for him to use to control a synth during a live performance.