Want to know more about the Tonic app? Get answers to your most pressing questions before you upgrade to the paid version.

What is Tonic?

Tonic is a web application dedicated explicitly to making collaboration instant. You can easily upload musical files for others to listen to; provide feedback on other’s songs and add additional audio files. It’s the simplest, fastest way to collaborate with other creators.

How much does Tonic cost?

You can purchase Tonic for a small monthly fee or a discounted yearly fee.

Who can access my music?

This depends on whether you choose to save your project privately or publicly. If it’s a private project, only you can access it. If it’s public, everyone on Tonic can listen to it.

What does Tonic replace?

Many songwriters are using Dropbox, Google Drive or other online storage apps to upload and share different parts of their songs with collaborators. Tonic allows you to upload files, give feedback, and collaborate all in once place. The experience becomes even more seamless by using the Supertonic portable songwriting device to instantly record a guitar riff or vocals to share with collaborators. No more recording into a DAW (Digital Audio Workspace) and then pulling the files out of the DAW, and then putting them back in the DAW.

Have more questions? Get answers to your most pressing questions before you back the Supertonic crowdfunding campaign!

What is Supertonic?

Supertonic is a hand-held hardware device dedicated explicitly to songwriting that captures your ideas as they come and helps you finish them.

Where can I purchase Supertonic?

You can pre-order Supertonic by backing our crowdfunding campaign. We plan to launch the campaign late 2020, running for 30 days. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and jump on our email list for project updates, deadlines, and stretch goals.

When will it be available?

We’re aiming for crowdfunding campaign backers to receive their Supertonic in the first half of 2021. The product will be generally available for sale on our website after the crowdfunding campaign has ended.

What does the design process look like?

Supertonic is designed and prototyped in our lab in Reno, NV by our technology team led by Techstars alumna Allison Clift-Jennings. She also has two pint-sized Yorkies helping out–Mercy and Ada.

Where are your offices?

We are located in The Biggest Little City: Reno, NV. But our team works remotely.

Can I sing into Supertonic?

Yes! You can sing into the device the same way that you might use the voice memo app on your phone, using the built-in microphones.  You can also plug in an external microphone if you wish.

Can I play my guitar or synth into Supertonic?

Yes, maestro. You can plug your guitar, synthesizers, or any other instrument into Supertonic and record the output, as long as it supports a 1/4″ or XLR jack. Rock on!

Where will the product be manufactured?

The design, manufacturing, and assembly of Supertonic devices are done in the good ol’ United States of America.

Does Supertonic replace the recording studio?

No, it does not. Supertonic excels at helping you get your song idea written and arranged into a final form. Supertonic has excellent audio quality that allows you to record an entire album on it if you wish, but most will use it alongside a full recording setup. Once you finish a song in Supertonic, you’ll likely take it to a recording studio where you can lay down all the backing instrumentation you’d like and get help with mixing and mastering.

Will I be able to share my songs with my song-writing collaborators/bandmates?

Yes. Imagine laying down a melody on your guitar into Supertonic, then sending that stem to your bandmate who also has a Supertonic. She then writes and records 3 different drum sequences into her Supertonic, and they magically show back up in your Supertonic device. No more text messaging voice memo recordings to each other. Collaboration is all in the box.

What does Supertonic replace?

Most songwriters are currently using a pen and notebook, their phone’s notepad or voice memo apps, or they use their computer. Supertonic combines the best aspects of each of these in a single tool dedicated explicitly to the songwriting process. It captures your ideas as they come and helps you finish the ideas already started. No more distractions.  No more half-finished songs that are several years old.  Now you can create, arrange, store, and play back your songs all on one device–at your home, or on the go.

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