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This global online community has a singular focus–to help you start, and finish, more of your songs.

Finish More Songs

Are you a songwriter who craves community? Who likes to collaborate? Who needs deadlines?


From Taylor Swift to Cardi B, almost every great musician has teams or people around them that can inspire them, collaborate with them, hold them to deadlines, and cheer them on.


We’ve created a Discord server that will be our community’s place on the Internet— a place where songwriters can kick back, relax, and feel right at home. Also a place where you can be encouraged and challenged to hone your craft.


What types of conversations will I be able to join on Discord?


  • Get songwriting tips:  None of us know exactly what we are doing all the time. But a lot of times while songwriting, just a few tips can get us back on the right track when we get stuck . And these tips don’t just come from the experts. You’ll see tips from experts as well as tips from members of the community who just want to help each other out.
  • Join Challenges:  Sometimes all you need is a hard deadline to get those creative juices flowing. Challenges give you the opportunity to work for a set time towards the goal of finishing a song. You can enter the challenges alone or join a team with others. You may be a lyricist and vocalist who is looking for an instrumentalists who is more skilled at arranging a song.
  • Get the scoop on new Tonic and Supertonic features:  As we build Supertonic and the companion app designed for “instant collaboration” there will be new features we add and test and you can be one of the first to try them. We want to build a tool that is by and for the community and that includes you!

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