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A home for all your song ideas

Tonic is a music collaboration service that allows your to organize your projects with your collaborators, share music files instantly for feedback, and add stems to your songs sent directly through the app.

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Your projects, your talent.

We help you put the song together with the features your other platforms are missing.

Musician-centric file sharing

Store up to 500GB of audio files in any number of formats, from highly-efficient AAC/MP3 to production-quality WAV or AIFF, at up to 96k/24 bit. Works well with any recording device or DAW, whether you use Ableton or Voice Memos.

Seamlessly add stems to existing songs

Unlike other services where you only upload a single audio file, with Tonic you're able to upload unlimited stems to a song track: to make collaboration as easy as if you were jamming together in the same room.

Instant song-timeline commenting

Hear something strange in that drum track, or think the lyrics need a few changes? Collaborators and fans can give detailed feedback at any point on the timeline, on any stem of the song. Don't want commenting? You can disable it per song, or limit it to a trusty few friends.

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